Destinie Cleveland, CADC-Intern, CSAT Candidate

Destinie Cleveland, CADC-Intern, CSAT Candidate

Destinie Cleveland, CADC-Intern, CSAT Candidate

Substance Use Counselor

Destinie hails from the southern United States, where her life was shaped by a family history marked by dysfunction, substance abuse, mental illness, and profound trauma. Growing up in a challenging environment, she found herself grappling with her own behavioral health issues, which led her to seek intervention. Through her challenging journey, Destinie found solace in the world of academia and personal development. Now, she shares the lessons from her own transformation with others who face similar challenges.

Dedicated to creating a safe space for individuals to heal from these deep-seated wounds, Destinie believes that clients are the true architects of their own healing. She sees herself as a compassionate guide on their path to recovery. Her approach revolves around a profound understanding of how trauma impacts the body’s nervous system, recognizing its vital role in treating mental health and substance use disorders.

Destinie draws from a diverse range of therapeutic methods, including Dr. Patrick Carnes’ 130-day task model, dialectical behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and somatic practices. Her therapeutic perspective is humbly influenced by feminist, multicultural, social justice, and person-centered theories.

Currently, Destinie is on a journey of self-improvement as she pursues her career as a CADC-Intern and CSAT-Candidate. She is also a dedicated graduate student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), having relocated from Phoenix, Arizona in 2021. Her ultimate goal is to meet individuals where they are, free from judgment, and provide them with the tools and unwavering support needed to realign with their values, authentic selves, and heal from the impacts of stress and trauma.

“Our Virtues are wrapped inside of our limitations. It is only when we are in close proximity to others that we begin to intimately explore the boundaries of our virtues by slamming into our limitations.” — Resmaa Menakem

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