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Social Detox in Las Vegas

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Medication-Free Detox Services

Not everyone who goes through withdrawal is at risk for life-threatening symptoms. Social detox is a less-intensive detoxification program that doesn’t involve any medication. Patients will still be monitored and receive assistance with symptoms as they would in medical detox, but in a more relaxed environment.

What Happens in Social Detox?

In medical detox, patients are provided with medication to help them manage withdrawal symptoms. This is not deemed necessary in social detox, so providers help patients with counseling and therapy instead.

Even non-life-threatening withdrawal symptoms are painful and difficult to handle without assistance. At The Nestled Recovery Center, all patients are closely monitored through every stage of detox. We make sure they receive adequate nutrition and are kept far away from drugs so that they can cleanse all substances from their systems.

Candidates for Social Detox

Social detox is not for everyone. Only people who have been cleared by a medical professional should enroll in social detox. The longer someone has struggled with addiction, the more severe their withdrawal symptoms. Some patients have difficulty controlling their actions or behavior during withdrawal, and may have violent outbursts. Social detox is not an option in these cases.

This detox program is usually recommended for people with stimulant addiction, which rarely results in life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Some of the medications used in medical withdrawal have addictive properties, and it is possible for patients to become addicted to them. These patients may benefit from social detox, but only in the early stages of addiction after they have been examined by a medical professional.

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