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Alex Rosen-Perry


Alex is a compassionate professional dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. Her passion for helping others ignited in elementary school when she volunteered as a ‘conflict mediator.’ Over the years, Alex evolved into a peer counselor and student suicide hotline volunteer during college, eventually earning her master’s degree in clinical psychology in 2012. Before her current role, Alex served as a lead admissions counselor for a psychiatric hospital and worked as an emergency room crisis evaluator, assisting both psychiatric and substance abuse clients on their path to treatment.

Having experienced the impact of substance abuse within her own family, Alex brings a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and their loved ones. She is a source of unwavering compassion for those struggling with addiction. When asked about her job, Alex acknowledges its complexity. While there is nothing to like about witnessing people in desperate states, she finds fulfillment in providing an empathetic and supportive ear. Alex takes pride in letting individuals know they are not alone and plays a crucial role in connecting them with the help needed to transform their lives for the better.

In her spare time, Alex loves watching the Yankees play, competing in fantasy football, trying new foods in new cities, and playing video games at home with her furbabies and her husband, a Navy Veteran.