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Recovery Through Art, Activity & Self-Discovery

Addiction is a time-consuming disease that often discourages people from exploring new activities. Recovering addicts often have trouble figuring out what to do themselves. Experiential therapies at The Nestled Recovery Center encourage residents to discover new activities that engage their personalities and interests and help them reconnect with their old hobbies that were abandoned because of addiction or create new hobbies to help them cope with the ups and downs of newly found sobriety.

It’s not unusual to feel reluctant to talk about addiction or feelings after going through detox. Patients who are not ready to engage in psychotherapy may feel more comfortable trying an experiential therapy before opening up. Listening to music, trying arts and crafts, and participating in physical activities all help to regulate emotions and organize thoughts.

Activities to Clear Your Mind

There are many types of experiential therapies. Whether you’re a quiet person who enjoys spending time alone or a social butterfly who likes going outside – there is sure to be a program that appeals to your interests.

Experiential therapies offered at The Nestled Recovery Center include:

  • Equine Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Art
  • Song Healing Circles
  • Somatic & Movement Therapies

You don’t need to go into an experiential therapy with any expectations. Don’t worry about what you’re “supposed” to think about. Let your mind go where it wants as you participate. Just by focusing on the task at hand you will have an easier time processing your thoughts, exploring your emotions, and understanding your mental state. A positive session in experiential therapy can give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to begin talk therapy.

Tools for Life After Rehab

You or your loved one may discover a new passion through experiential therapy. Finding an activity you enjoy makes it easier to fill downtime outside of rehab. It’s important to make time for relaxing without feeling bored during recovery. You will have a lot more time now that you’re no longer using or trying to obtain substances. Now is the time to indulge in passions you never knew you had.

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