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A great deal of growth takes place during treatment, and that growth continues when you leave treatment. Recovery is ongoing, one day at a time, so having a network of sober peers is crucial to your success. 


The time you spend with us in our programs at The Nestled Recovery is only the beginning of a lifelong recovery journey. While you are in our care, your focus is on achieving sobriety and recovery surrounded by a warm and supportive community of peers and staff. Upon completing treatment, it is important you know this community stays with you. The Nestled Sparrows Alumni Program connects you with peers in recovery who have completed an inpatient level of care and/or is in the process of completing an outpatient level of care.


We support clients transitioning into real world living through self-empowerment and impactful community involvement to thrive in recovery.


Empowered alumni inspire hope through action to transform communities where recovery is possible for all.

The Nest

  • Text support for Nestled alumni on WhatsApp group
  • Peer led support
  • Monthly alumni yoga classes
  • Thursday night alumni meetings 5:30p-6:30p 
    • The Nestled Recovery supports alumni well past their time in treatment by offering a weekly peer support group. This support group for alumni offers a safe place for each alumni to self-assess on how well they have been caring for their needs since leaving treatment. This peer support group also allows for The Nestled Recovery alumni to cultivate healthy community support, share resources, and be held accountable. 
  • Monthly alumni events such as bowling, potlucks, dinners, and other fun events
  • Community Service
    • Nestled alumni regularly participate in community outreach, volunteer opportunities, and host supply drives for local organizations
Call 702-299-6406
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Alumni Program Values

Altruistic Movement

We believe in seeking to create a more compassionate and caring world in our communities by fostering a sense of responsibility for the well-being of others. We acknowledge that individual actions, no matter how small, can collectively make a significant impact on society.

Face. Adapt. Overcome.

We believe in encouraging individuals to confront difficulties head-on, adjust their strategies and approaches, and persistently work toward overcoming obstacles. We embrace a mindset that can foster a sense of self-efficacy and confidence, enabling individuals to tackle challenges with a proactive and constructive approach.

Heart First

We believe in emphasizing the central role of empathy and compassion in guiding one's actions and decisions. We recognize the importance of prioritizing the well-being and feelings of ourselves and others through practicing emotional intelligence.

Actions Speak Louder

We believe in the power of tangible efforts and results over mere words or intentions. We see the importance of taking concrete actions to bring about meaningful change, achieve goals, and demonstrate commitment.