Alex Rosen, MS

Admissions Director


Alex developed a passion for helping others at a young age, volunteering as a ‘conflict mediator’ all the way back in Elementary school, to becoming a peer counselor and student suicide hotline volunteer in college, to eventually getting her master’s degree in clinical psychology in 2012. Prior to joining the Nestled Recovery Center, Alex worked as a lead admissions counselor for a psychiatric hospital and as an emergency room crisis evaluator working with both psychiatric and substance abuse clients helping direct them into treatment.

Alex has had experience dealing with substance abuse most of her life, with multiple close family members now being in recovery (and some still struggling), and understands both the impact addiction can have on the family, as well as having compassion for the struggling addict. She has always been a champion for the underdog (aside from being a die-hard Yankees fan), always looks for silver linings even in the toughest of situations, and loves helping other people find their own light in the darkness.

‘People often ask me if I like my job and I tell them ‘it’s complicated. There is nothing to like about knowing that there are people in a desperate state in life, depressed, or at their rock bottom; but I do like the fact that I can give them an empathetic supportive ear, let them know they’re not alone, and be the person who helps get them to the help that they need to see their life changed for the better.’

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