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Foods That Help the Detox Process

Detoxing from drug and alcohol addiction is uncomfortable—there’s no way around it. Depending on the substance you use and how long you’ve been addicted, you may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms when you decide to stop using, from insomnia to sweating to moments of aggression. These symptoms can last for days but usually go on for weeks, and it can feel like there’s no end in sight.

What Types Of Foods Can Be Helpful In The Detox Process?

There are some things that can be done to make the detox process slightly more bearable. One of these things involves eating healthier. A lot of people with addictions adopt poor nutrition when they skip meals or eat the less expensive option while focusing on obtaining more of their drug of choice and using it. As a result, you may be malnourished, putting your body in a less-than-optimal state when it’s time to detox.

Below you’ll find a list of specific foods that are known for their nutritious benefits. These foods can give you the energy you need during detox, as well as throughout your recovery process. By building healthy eating habits now, you can better adjust to your new sober reality once you complete detox or rehab.


Protein is essential to any diet. People going through detox can benefit from meats that are low in fat but high in protein, such as grilled chicken and seafood, as well as snacks like yogurt and hardboiled eggs.


You may have heard the word “superfood” thrown around a lot today, and with good reason. Superfoods are foods that are particularly high in vitamins and minerals, like almonds, wheatgrass, flax seeds, and sweet potatoes. They can give you the extra boost of energy you need when your body is struggling through the detox process.

Fruits and Vegetables

This one is fairly obvious: fruits and vegetables are important for a balanced diet. If you get bored of the typical fruits and veggies, try other options like kale, acai berries, spinach, coconuts, and blueberries. You can even look up fun recipes that combine several types of fruits or vegetables.


Though it’s not a food, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated, especially while detoxing. Water can help you flush out the harmful toxins and better absorb the nutrients your body is taking in when eating healthy foods.

Additional Benefits of Good Nutrition

Besides aiding you in the detox process, these foods can also help you as you make your way into recovery. Completing detox and rehab doesn’t mean your addiction is “cured”; you may continue to deal with stressors and triggers in your daily life.

Additional benefits of eating well include:

  • Increased energy in the day
  • Better sleep at night
  • Reduced risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease
  • Better mental health, including a reduction in anxiety and depression
  • Immune system boost

One of the most common withdrawal symptoms that often sticks with people in recovery is insomnia, or difficulty sleeping. By eating healthier foods, you may have an easier time sleeping through the night. It’s also recommended that people seeking help for their addictions stay away from junk food, or food with high amounts of caffeine and sugar.

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When you’re ready to reclaim your life after addiction, you deserve to set yourself up for success by detoxing in an upscale facility that is known for its warmth and healing environment. At The Nestled Recovery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can expect to be treated with compassion and respect as you begin the detox process. Though withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and painful, our team is prepared to help you through the process and remind you that you’re not alone. As a small facility, we also have the capacity to create individualized treatment plans for our patients, so you can rest easy knowing that your time with us is filled with intention and care. Call us for a more comfortable experience.

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