How Do I Know if I Need Detox?

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When many people think about rehab, they imagine going straight to countless therapy sessions and going outside for yoga. What they fail to realize is countless individuals with alcohol and drug addictions need professional intervention before the inpatient and outpatient rehab stages.

Also known as detoxification, this process involves ridding the body of toxins and undergoing withdrawal symptoms to first “get clean” before enrolling in behavioral therapy. But when do you know if you need professional detox? It’s important to know that not everyone with an addiction needs to start at this step. Our team has outlined several reasons why you or a loved one should consider a detoxification program at an accredited facility.

You’ve Been Using for Years

If you’ve been abusing drugs for a long period of time and in high quantities, you most likely have a serious addiction that requires detoxification. When people are addicted to substances, their brain chemistry has changed and their bodies require the drug to feel normal. When they stop using drugs altogether, this can be dangerous and induce equally severe withdrawal symptoms.

You’ve Tried Going Cold Turkey Before–& Failed

Some people think they don’t need professional help to get sober and attempt to go “cold turkey” on their own. This process can be difficult to do on your own, and many people will start using it within hours of withdrawal effects setting in because the pain can be too much. This is why we encourage people with addiction to seek professional detox services, rather than go cold turkey on their own. When you’re in detox, a medical professional can give you medication to ensure your symptoms aren’t as painful—and you have a greater chance of success.

You Have a Mental Disorder

Countless Americans battling addiction are also dealing with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Going through withdrawal can have a disastrous effect on your mood and mental state and may even exacerbate your current mental symptoms. Some common withdrawal symptoms include deep depression, sleep issues, heightened anxiety and paranoia, and even hallucinations. In a professional detox setting, you can receive the medications you need to keep these symptoms at bay and be watched over by doctors and clinicians.

You Want to Increase Your Chances of Survival

Not only is detoxing on your own challenging, but it’s also dangerous. Some withdrawal symptoms include dangerous health conditions like slowed breathing, unconsciousness, and irregular heartbeat, all of which can kill you if you’re alone and no one is around to call for emergency medical help. Additionally, people who try to recover on their own may also relapse and take high quantities of their drug of choice, increasing the risk of overdose. If you want to protect your health and future, professional detox involving 24/7 monitoring is your best chance of survival.

Get Clean with The Nestled Recovery Center

The Nestled Recovery Center knows that withdrawal is one of the biggest obstacles of getting help for addiction. Many people are scared to go through days and weeks of uncomfortable symptoms and pain, and rightfully so. That’s why our medical detoxification program is an ideal choice for those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Under careful supervision by a team of medical professionals, our patients are able to take medications and tapers that can help them manage their symptoms and cravings, reducing the severity of the process. Patients who join our facility can also feel less stressed about the possibility of having their lives endangered by knowing we’re equipped for any emergencies. If you’re ready to put your health first, we’re here to help.

Call The Nestled Recovery Center today at  888 860-1218, or fill out our online form to get in touch with one of our caring and insightful team members. We can return your call and are more than happy to inform you about our medical detox program.

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