Explore Prehistoric Treasures at Ice Age Fossils State Park in North Las Vegas

Ancient Discoveries:

Ice Age Fossils State Park, located in North Las Vegas, NV, is a renowned paleontological site where visitors can uncover prehistoric treasures from the Ice Age. The park has an impressive collection of fossilized remains, including mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and other Ice Age creatures. Information can be found here.

Educational Opportunities:

Visitors to Ice Age Fossils State Park have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating geology and paleontology of the region through interpretive exhibits and guided tours. Knowledgeable park rangers provide insights into the ancient ecosystems and the significance of the fossil discoveries within the park. See here for information about Discover the Opulence of Caesars Palace in Paradise, NV.

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Fossil Excavations:

The park offers guided fossil excavations, allowing visitors to participate in hands-on paleontological activities. Under the guidance of experienced paleontologists, guests can assist in uncovering and documenting fossil specimens, contributing to ongoing research and scientific discovery.

Outdoor Recreation:

In addition to its paleontological attractions, Ice Age Fossils State Park offers opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. The park’s scenic desert landscape provides a tranquil setting for visitors to enjoy nature while exploring the mysteries of the ancient past.

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