Sober Activities Series: Visit The Aliante Golf Club Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known as a party town but there is plenty to see and do while staying sober. If you need assistance with finding sober activities or are in need of substance abuse treatment, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and approach to recovery.

If you are interested in activities that offer the perfect combination of sport and leisure, Las Vegas has plenty of things to do that fit the bill. One of those things is spending an afternoon at the Aliante Golf Club. Whether you’re a novice golfer or just want to practice your swing, the Aliante is a large, beautifully designed course that has received many awards and accolades.

Enjoy scenic views of the mountains while you golf with friends, or book a lesson with a PGA professional who can bring your skills up a notch. This trip will be exciting enough for you to truly enjoy your recovery process.

The Importance Of Sober Activities During or After Rehab

Once you’ve gone through detox and a residential care program, it’s important to create a lifestyle that includes regular sober activities. These sober activities are meant to fill the time that used to be spent in active addiction. Sober activities contribute to long-term recovery and wellness because they generate feelings of joy and newness. Some sober activities can even help people cultivate new skills and provide an opportunity to rebuild relationships by participating in interesting sober activities with friends and family.

The best sober activities for people with a history of addiction include ones that involve physical exercise, skill-building, or exciting activities. While it’s important to establish healthy routines that include a consistent sleep schedule and healthy diet while getting used to life outside of a treatment center, setting aside time for enjoyable sober activities can open up your life in new and positive ways. It can be challenging to come up with ideas for sober activities on your own at first, so try brainstorming with sober friends or reach out to your rehab program for suggestions.

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Aliante Golf Club Details

A Las Vegas favorite, the Aliante Golf club boasts glowing reviews from locals and visitors alike. Located in North Las Vegas, the Aliante is a beautifully designed course complete with trees and water features. Visitors recommend setting aside 3-4 hours for your trip so you can take your time on the course and enjoy everything the Aliante has to offer. The club restaurant, the 3100 Grille, has a number of rave reviews and is a convenient option if you want to have lunch or dinner with friends. Here are some recent reviews to inspire your plans for a trip to the Aliante Golf Club: 

“This place is a true gem in the city. Great course, great staff, and a fantastic deal! The views and the course are absolutely amazing. My new local go-to course.”

“The pro shop is well-maintained and the staff are really friendly. Check-in was really easy and I was out on the first hole in less than 15 minutes from parking my car. The fairways, tee box, putting green, and the rough are well maintained. They do move the cup around so don’t expect it to be at the same spot or anywhere near it when you play here.”

Staff was very friendly and was able to get us an early Tee time. Clubs were picked up from the curb for us and the cart was loaded. Easy to follow directions to the holes, and the cart was nice. Let me tell you, the drink cart came by at the perfect time and the prices were amazingly cheap. I would expect double the prices.”

If you are in North Las Vegas or Sunrise Manor, Nevada, The Nestled Recovery Center is right next door. The Nestled Recovery Center provides drug and alcohol detox as well as residential rehab and partial hospitalization levels of care. Driving directions to The Nestled Recovery Center from Las Vegas can be found here or on the map below.

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There are plenty of fun things to do as part of a sober lifestyle and we can help you find these activities and more while guiding you through the recovery process. If you need assistance with finding sober activities or are in need of substance abuse treatment, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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