Sober Series: Tour the Las Vegas Dunes By ATV

Las Vegas may be known as a party town but there is plenty to see and do while staying sober. If you need assistance with finding sober activities or are in need of substance abuse treatment, we are here to help.

There are plenty of people who seek out something that is thrilling and Las Vegas has plenty of things to do that are adrenaline-inducing. One of those things is going on an ATV tour of the Las Vegas Dunes, just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. This sixty-minute tour leads you through rugged terrain in the beautiful Mojave Desert for an unforgettable, high-speed adventure. You’ll receive professional instruction from your ATV tour guides who will make sure you’re prepared for a safe, epic experience. Whether you book a solo tour or decide to join a group of friends, this trip promises to be exciting enough for you to truly enjoy your recovery process.

The Importance Of Sober Activities During or After Rehab

Once you’ve gone through detox and a residential care program, it’s important to create a lifestyle that includes regular sober activities. These sober activities are meant to fill the time that used to be spent in active addiction. Sober activities contribute to long-term recovery and wellness because they generate feelings of joy and newness. Some sober activities can even help people cultivate new skills and provide an opportunity to rebuild relationships by participating in interesting sober activities with friends and family. 

The best sober activities for people with a history of addiction include ones that involve physical exercise, skill-building, or exciting activities. While it’s important to establish healthy routines that include a consistent sleep schedule and healthy diet while getting used to life outside of a treatment center, setting aside time for enjoyable sober activities can open up your life in new and positive ways. It can be challenging to come up with ideas for sober activities on your own at first, so try brainstorming with sober friends or reach out to your rehab program for suggestions. 

Las Vegas ATV Dune Tour Details

Just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, the Nellis Dunes are an off-road recreational area that spans over 10,000 acres. The area is made up of sandy dunes and hills that are perfect for ATV and motorcycle tours alike. Previous adventurers recommend coming to the tour hydrated, bringing along plenty of water, and setting aside time for some once-in-a-lifetime selfies or group photos. The tour is open to beginners and experienced riders alike and begins with a safety briefing and operational course. All participants are provided with safety gear including a helmet, a pair of gloves, and goggles. Here are some recent glowing reviews to inspire your plans for a Las Vegas ATV dune tour: 

“This was my first time riding an ATV and Eric my tour guide made sure we had fun. Best time ever! I recommend this tour to any new beginners 10/10”

“My favorite part of the trip was learning the proper way to use an ATV to avoid issues and injuries. Big shout out to my instructor Dain. He made the experience EPIC.”

“Great energetic staff and very knowledgeable of the ATV! For a first-time ATV rider, you’ll feel confident from beginning to end! Very fun!”

Recovery Center Near The Las Vegas Dunes

If you are in North Las Vegas or Sunrise Manor, Nevada, The Nestled Recovery Center is right next door. The Nestled Recovery Center provides drug and alcohol detox as well as residential rehab and partial hospitalization levels of care. We are a short distance from The Las Vegas Dunes, find us on the map below! To learn more about The Nestled contact us today!

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