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Summer Sobriety Tips Everyone In Recovery Should Know

No matter where you call home, the summertime is probably synonymous with vacations and parties. For people going through drug or alcohol rehabilitation, though, the same parties that make summer lively can be serious downers. Feeling tempted to lose sobriety due to a summer party is not a good feeling, and, if you’re going through an addiction treatment program, then you might think you have to steer entirely clear of any summertime fun.

We’re here to let you know that you don’t need to have a quiet summer if you don’t want to. With some planning and carefulness, you can enjoy all the fun of summer without endangering your sobriety. Start by learning a few must-know summer sobriety tips for people in recovery or rehab.

Phone a Friend

As you might have already learned from your recovery program, we are usually stronger when we’re banding together. To fight the worst feelings of temptation that drugs or alcohol can cause at a party, go with a friend who you trust and who understands and supports your situation. The right friendship support can be all it takes to give you the confidence to say ‘no’ to drink offers or to simply not even feel any temptation throughout the night.

Before you go to a party with your chosen friend/supporter, you should talk with them about:

  • What drinks or recreational drugs have you worried the most.
  • Where you two can meet if you get separated and you’re worried about remaining separated.
  • How to signal them if you decide you need to leave the party immediately.

Host with the Most

You can’t anticipate everything that will be at a party that someone else is hosting. A simple way to allow yourself to know what to expect at a summertime party is to host the party yourself. As the host, you decide who attends, what food and drinks are being served, what forms of entertainment there will be, and so on.

Of course, if you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, then you won’t want alcohol and/or recreational drugs at your party. But don’t overlook the importance of filling the guest list with the right people. Everyone there should respect your decision to host a dry party. If keeping potential tempters out of your party means having a smaller bash with just a few of your best friends, then that is still better than having a larger event that could derail the recovery you have worked so hard to achieve.

Handy Dandy Cup

When at someone else’s summer party, the biggest risk to your sobriety could very well be other partygoers. Most people at a party who are drinking alcohol want everyone around them to drink alcohol, too. They might be driven to get others to drink either due to an overwhelming sense of revelry or an underlying sense of shame if they are also worried about alcohol addiction and want to have their decisions “justified” by the actions of others.

To deter other partygoers from pressuring you into drinking, you can utilize one simple trick: carry around a cup of water wherever you go in the party. When people see you with a cup in your hand, they will assume that you have an alcoholic drink and, therefore, will not approach you to see if you would like one. Also, you will subconsciously be less tempted to go find a drink because you already have one, albeit a nonalcoholic one.

Road Trip!

Familiarity is commonly paired with addiction temptations. For example, just driving by a corner store that you have used to purchase alcohol in the past can trigger an urge to go buy some more just because you are familiar with that store. Putting yourself in new situations and places can be all it takes to avoid temptations that could harm your sobriety.

Summertime is actually a great season to take yourself away from familiar spaces and faces. Plan a road trip with your close friends to fulfill the vacation bug without adding the heightened risk of reaching for drugs or alcohol. You don’t even need to go far if you don’t want to. There are bound to be places in and around your hometown that you haven’t checked out ever or in a while. See if there are some spots you can check out throughout the summer for a relaxing, temptation-free time.

Focus on Recovery

Your summer should be fun, but you should never lose sight of your recovery goal. If you are in a drug or alcohol addiction recovery program, then you need to stick to it as closely as you can. Do not skip group therapy sessions to attend a party, for example. Obtaining and maintaining sobriety is more important, even if it might not seem like it at the moment you are invited to a summer party.

If you are planning on taking a vacation this summer, then speak with your recovery counselor or center about how that could impact your treatment plan. In most situations, there is a way to find a workable schedule that keeps you on track for recovery without making you feel like you are stuck in place and unable to enjoy your summer.

Do you need help, guidance, and treatment while fighting drug or addiction treatment in Las Vegas? The Nestled Recovery Center would be happy to hear from you. Our attentive team and top-tier facility set us apart from other recovery centers that might see you just as a docket, not a friend in need. Contact us today to learn more.

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