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The Nestled Recovery Center is an upscale-boutique addiction treatment and recovery center in Las Vegas, NV. At The Nestled, we provide individualized care in a warm and cozy environment. Our services include detox and residential care and incorporate a variety of alternative therapies and activities.


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Our Mission

The Nestled Recovery Center’s mission is to help individuals suffering from addiction or addiction and mental health break the chains of addiction and suffering and leave lasting positive influences related to conscious recovery and holistic wellness for generations to come.

Our treatment approach is holistic in that we address all eight dimensions of wellness within each patient’s treatment plan (i.e, physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, spiritual, occupational, and financial) as these are all areas of life that are negatively impacted by addiction.

Our facility is trauma-informed in that we acknowledge that in most cases than not there is a reason why our patients are numbing the pain and this awareness and sensitivity to the underlying psychological pain beneath addiction drives all service responses.

Our treatments

The Treatment Objectives of Our Program

  • Clients will have a safe environment to detox and withdraw in the most comfortable way possible.
  • Clients will learn how to self-evaluate and care for all of their needs in all eight dimensions of wellness.
  • Clients will identify underlying, unresolved psychological pain, trauma & excessive shame that prevents their full authentic expression.
  • Clients will build a sober recovery support team.
  • Clients will build a self-compassionate relationship with themselves that honors their values and needs.
  • Clients will find/realign themselves with a sense of purpose and meaning in life that drives their sobriety and recovery.
  • Clients will gain a plethora of new healthy coping skills to manage stressors, cravings and urges.

What Sets Us Apart?



Our nursing staff is available 24/7 to support our residents.


Only ten beds for a truly individualized approach to therapy.

Holistic Approach to Addiction Rehab

Our program addresses all eight dimensions of wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not all addiction treatment programs are equal. At Nestled Recovery, we offer a holistic, trauma-informed approach to recovery.
Below are answers to some common questions about addiction, what sets us apart, and how we can help you and your loved ones heal, grow, and transform.
  • What Is Addiction?

    Addiction is a chronic condition that involves the impulse to engage in certain habit-forming activities or behaviors despite the negative consequences on a person’s life. 

  • What Are The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness?

    The 8 Dimensions of Wellness are as follows: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Social, Occupational, and Spiritual. Creating harmony between these 8 dimensions is crucial to long-term recovery and is the foundation of our holistic approach. 

  • How Can I Help Someone With Addiction?

    One of the best ways to help is to direct them to experienced professionals specializing in addiction treatment. While you can’t force someone to get help, you can stage an intervention with an intervention specialist in a loving, encouraging, and empowering way. 

  • Why Are The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness So Important?

    The 8 Dimensions of Wellness are the core of our program because they consider the individual as a whole. People are deeply affected by each dimension of wellness, from their environment to their peer group, which we address in-depth with various healing modalities. 

  • What Types Of Therapies Do You Offer?

    We offer:

    • medication-assisted withdrawal management 
    • psychotherapies such as EMDR 
    • experiential therapies such as :
      • yoga, 
      • equine therapy
      • art groups
      • somatic & movement-based therapies 
  • What Is Trauma-Informed Treatment?

    A trauma-informed approach is a sensitive one that acknowledges a person as an individual with specific needs. Our program educates people about trauma so they can address it in healthy ways that help them grow.

  • How Long Is A Stay At The Nestled Recovery?

    At The Nestled Recovery Center, we realize that not all recovery journeys are the same. We offer programs that range from 7-45 days. When you call our treatment facility we will discuss your situation and create a plan that will meet your needs. 

  • What Sets You Apart From Other Treatment Facilities?

    Nestled Recovery is unique in our holistic, professional, and personalized approach to recovery. Our facility and grounds are beautiful and state-of-the-art, providing the perfect setting for the real work of recovery, which is facilitated by our compassionate therapists, clinical director, and support staff. By using holistic approaches, we treat a whole person rather than a band-aid solution to one problem. 

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