Tami Walcom

Lead Client Relations Coordinator



Tami Walcom has seen firsthand the devastating effects of drinking and drugging from her own family which led to her own curiosity of substances.  She began to dabble in the party life at an early age until one day when she wanted to stop, but she couldn’t. She was so close to death, but didn’t remember how to live sober. She entered treatment on 9/25/13 and has been sober since. Today she enjoys her life, her work, and is active in her recovery. She now lives to let others know there is a solution. One day at a time she doesn’t pick up and she loves working in the sobriety field.

Tami helps clients understand why rules, structure, and processes are in place with a gentle warmth and firmness. She teaches clients how to be a part of a family as they have been isolated for so long and within healthy families, there is structure and order. As a lead client relations coordinator, she aspires to contribute to a safe and therapeutic culture where healing can happen. She offers peer to peer support in helping be the rational mind for the clients when the addicted brain attempts to take over. She offers an empathic and nonjudgmental ear to the clients at The Nestled.

It’s important for me to share with others that they are not “bad”, they are “sick”. And that one day at a time they can get healthy.

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