Richard Gibson

Executive Chef



Chef Richard Gibson has been cooking in hotels and restaurants for more than 40 years. He began cooking while in college and by the time he had decided on a major he fell in love with the profession thanks to some generous mentors who opened his eyes to the vastness of the culinary field. Richard believes he could not have become a chef without having found recovery in 1992. There have been periods of struggle in his life but he feels that only leaves him better equipped to empathize and share his experience with those who are in the midst of their own struggle. He has learned many styles of cuisine over the years and feels that Italian is his foundational cuisine as he has worked in Italian kitchens for the majority of his career. He is able to accommodate any dietary restrictions and works closely with a dietitian to fulfill any special dietary needs of the clients. He teaches weekly cooking classes emphasizing principles that can transfer as life skills so that clients can leave with culinary proficiency. In his off time, Richard enjoys fitness activities and working on his car that is the same age as him.

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