Dr. Warren Seeds

Medical Director



Dr. Seeds has been successfully treating addiction since 2015. He is board-certified in Addiction Medicine as well as Anesthesiology. He understands that addiction is frequently just a symptom of an underlying, often unidentified unaddressed condition.

While addiction is a treatable and controllable disease, the job doesn’t stop when the cravings are controlled and the patient is stabilized. Dr. Seeds feels that it is a privilege to have the patient put their care in his hands and that honoring that privilege obliges him to give the best care possible. That means identifying and correctly addressing any underlying condition that may be making the patient vulnerable to substance use. That means listening and thinking because on the surface, the story of substance use, dependence, and addiction is often the same. But every individual is unique, what led up to their opioid use is unique, and their treatment must be personalized to be effective.

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