Dr. Gnaneswer Billakanti

MD, Board Certified Internist, Hospitalist



Dr. Billakanti has worked as a physician for the last 30 years in India, England, and the United States and as a hospitalist for the last 18. He values the interconnection between biomedical conditions, psychiatric disorders and addiction problems. In order to truly make a difference, he is inspired to treat the whole individual, and work with a team to make adequate decisions for each client that address all of these facets of health and wellness.

Dr. Billakanti is beloved by the clients and alumni at The Nestled Recovery Center for his ability to listen to client, psychotherapists, and nursing feedback in making treatment decisions. His ability to stay flexible in his views and continuously be open to learning makes him a very pleasant doctor to work with.

“My biggest wish is to help people so they can be the best version of themselves. I believe most people are ‘good’ people by nature and if I can help them in any way find their way back to their truth, then it is worth it.”

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